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Written by John Hopkins. Posted in Games

BBM (Blackberry Messenger) started out as your average instant messenger app. However, as its popularity increased at tremendous speed, BBM soon transformed into a social platform. This transformation was possible due to the latest upgrade, the BBM6 Integration. Nowadays, with an astonishing number of 60 million users, BBM seems to want to add a gaming platform to its structure. According to Thorsten Heins, the Blackberry CEO, this app sends over 10 billion messages each day. It seems that people are using this app not only to communicate important information, but also to waste some time when they are bored. These being said, what better way is there to waste time than by playing games. It is pretty obvious that BBM’s goal is to attract as many users as possible and since gaming platforms generate a lot of revenue, it is quite possible that BBM will turn its attention towards mobile games soon. For the moment, lest see what king of games we can currently play via BBM.

1. Battles on BBM

If you often find yourself reminiscing your childhood years when Battle Ship was one of the most entertaining games available, you will definitely enjoy playing Battles on BBM. You can invite your BBM friends to play with you and see which of you has a better strategy. Furthermore, you will be pleasantly surprised by the great graphics of this small game.

2. Cricket with Friends

Due to the latest BBM 6 release, the Blackberry Messenger users can now challenge their friends to a game of cricket. The game’s rules are fairly obvious and the graphics are not excellent, but this is a great time-wasting game nevertheless.

3. Nic Nac Noe

We bet you can’t guess which popular game is replicated by this BBM app? It is, of course, the ever popular Tic Tac Toe. This was the type of game you would play with your desk mate during class and it is sure to be very fun now as well. Start by challenging your old desk mate and see  if any of you have become wiser over the years. For the moment, these are the only games available for BBM. Despite the fact that these games are rather simple, they can be very entertaining. Furthermore, along with these games, BlackBerry also released a number of apps which are compatible with the beloved BBM platform. For example, Mundu Radio allows you to listen to your favorite music while Naukri allows you to search and apply for various jobs. Mobiesta allows you to find favorite entertainment venues such as restaurants, cinemas, bars, pubs and clubs. Last but not least, Unvired Workflow allows you to approve purchased orders or download leave details.
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