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BioShock Infinite Review

Written by John Hopkins. Posted in Games

BioShock Infinite is one of the best games of 2013. It features the story of a man whose heart is blackened by the sins of the past and who has an uncontrollable lust for vengeance. The game portrays a previously privileged society whose foundation has been severely shaken. The story is the main element of the game which influences all other aspects.
  • The plot
The story starts with the image of a lighthouse. The main character is a former private eye, Booker De Witt, whose mission it is to retrieve a mysterious girl. At the top of the lighthouse, there is an intriguing chair. Once strapped to the chair, the main character is fired towards Columbia, a city in the sky. This city has a nostalgic vibe as it is dominated by classical architecture and it evokes the feeling of an old America. The society of this city is indoctrinated and it looks down on anyone whose skin is not porcelain white. The main character is branded with the false shepherd, a symbol which is viewed as the Antichrist in this society. Due to this brand, found on Booker’s hand, the private eye is forced to run for his life in order not to be ostracized by this weird society.
  • The environment
Columbia is the main location where the action of the game takes place. It is a nostalgic place dominated by classical architecture, nationalistic propaganda and advanced military technology. Exploring Columbia is just as thrilling as exploring Rapture, the environment featured in the last BioShock game.
  • Mysteries
Along his quest, the private eye uncovers many mysteries. He forms alliances with the anti nationalists and he helps in uncovering hidden truths regarding the government of Columbia. Booker eventually succeeds in finding the girl that he was hired to retrieve. Her name is Elizabeth and she has supernatural powers. During his quest, he also has to uncover Elizabeth’s mystery. He has to put together various clues regarding Elizabeth’s gift.
  • Features
BioShock Infinite is designed in the same way as a first person shooter. The arsenal of the main character includes numerous weapons such as machine guns, shotguns and most importantly, vigors. The vigors resemble the plasmids used in the last version of the game. They can weaken the enemies either by giving them an electric shock or by charging at them with a very fast speed. The combat occurs while the main character is on the run but he is sometimes required to fight his enemies in outdoor arenas. During the fights, Elizabeth stays by the main character’s side, at a safe distance from the dangers of combat. She often aids the main character by throwing him power ups. Her role as a companion is very well designed as she is never an inconvenience but a major help most of the times. Booker’s interactions with Elizabeth are very well made and you rarely encounter any bugs. In order to improve your defense skills, you can use various clothing items which you find during your missions. You can also pilfer corpses in order to gain coins. In a nutshell, BioShock Infinite is a great game with an excellent narrative playoff and great combat features. It is definitely a game worth playing, especially if you are a fan of first person shooters.

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