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Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Written by John Hopkins. Posted in Games

If you are the type of gamer which likes to explore all of the features of a game while slowly developing your game plan, than you will find Civilization V: Gods & Kings to be very interesting. If you’ve played this Civilization games before, than you are probably well aware of what this game implies. If you’ve never played anything like this before, you should know that the satisfaction of this game comes for playing tens sometimes hundreds of hours. The game has a very slow pace which allows the players to understand all of the layers of a civilization’s structure as well as its evolution throughput the course of time. Civilization V: Gods & Kings follows the same game concepts of the previous games except for the fact that it puts more emphasis on religion. In fact, a lot of your actions are linked to beliefs and traditions. A great addition to this new game is the sensitiveness of its development. All the decisions that the player makes have a direct impact on the game. You can spy on enemy cities, organize elections, steal technology, convert cities to new religions and so on. The game is a lot more versatile than the previous versions which makes it a lot more challenging. Strategy games have a way of awakening the creativity of the players while drawing him in a mysterious world and Civilization V: Gods & Kings makes no exception from the classic pattern of strategy games. The player can make decisions ever five to ten turns but their decisions have a deep impact on the game. While waiting for his turn, the player can study the evolution of other cities while pondering on his next moves. Another new concept that this game brings are the diplomatic skills. While this concept was also present in previous games, it was not so well developed. Your communication with the rivals is no longer just for show but can have real consequences on the game. As a good diplomat, you must weight your words before sharing them with your rivals or your enemies and you must also keep your promises if you want to be respected or feared. Other new features of the game include luxury resources and happiness boosts. These new game elements are very helpful in keeping your people happy and making a reputation for yourself as a generous rules, loved by his people. This new feature also helps with your expansion plans. As you can see from the features presented above, Civilization V is a very complex game. If you are easily bored and you like dynamic games, you will not enjoy this game. However, if you like to explore the strategic possibilities of a game while engaging in endless gaming sessions, then you should definitely give this game a try.

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