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Cut The Rope Review

Written by John Hopkins. Posted in Games

Smartphone games are slowly but steadily taking over our entertainment habits. Most of the people who use smartphones have at least one game installed. The most popular smartphone games are the ones which combine creative thinking with colorful graphics. If you are looking for such a game, than we recommend you to try Cut the rope.
  • Plot
A little boy receives a package one day which contains an adorable green monster which sort of resembles a frog. The packet is marked with a sign saying Feed With Candy. Given the fact that the little monster is rather shy, the little boy must develop certain strategies in order to feed him with candy. The candy is usually hung by a rope and it must be manipulated in order to drop in the mouth of the little green monster.
  • Mechanics
Cut the rope is a slide game where you must collect gold stars and discover hidden prizes while feeding candy to the adorable green creature. The game features multiple levels with various characteristics. It is a physics game based on the laws of gravity. The candy is hanging down a rope which the player must manipulate in order for the candy to eventually drop straight in the mouth of the little green monster. Each level has a different puzzle which can feature balloon bubbles (which lift the candy), mechanical saws (which cut the rope), mini trampolines (which bounce the bubble and can modify its direction) and so on. Solving each puzzle requires both precision and timing as the rope needs to be cut at the perfect moment and the right angle.
  • Features
The game has 15 boxes containing a total of 375 levels. Each box marks a different stage of the game characterized by a certain environment. It has bright colors and outstanding graphics for an smartphone game. Between each box, the player can view a short animated video which describes the characteristics of the following stage of the game. The game has numerous updates which feature new superpowers and plots.
  • Awards
Cut The Rope is one of the most awarded smartphone games. So far, it has received the Apple Design award, the Pocket Gamer award, the BAFTA award, the GDC award and the Best App Ever award
  • Availability
The game is available for most smartphone operating systems. It is suitable for all ages as it doesn’t have any controversial elements. On the contrary, the game is quite educational and it familiarizes small children with the laws of physics in a fun away.

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