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Laptop Concepts – The Laptops of the Future

Written by John Hopkins. Posted in Games

Let’s face it: technology is way ahead of us and it doesn’t seize to amaze us every day. In terms of computers and laptops, the advancements are visible in any domain from the design to the system configurations. The laptop of the future promises to be a stunner that will impress in design and technology. All the major companies do their best to bring into the light the most futuristic prototypes that exceed the limits of our imagination. Gamers are waiting for the most advanced computers they can use and they are about to be blown away by the latest prototypes. If you don’t take our word for granted, keep reading to discover the laptop concepts that will surely take over the market.

Vaio Zoom

Believe it or not, we might have a holographic laptop in the future thanks to Sony that designed the Vaio Zoom, a concept that boasts a thin glass touchscreen that practically disappears when it’s turned off. The keyboard is opaque and even the mouse becomes transparent when you turn off the laptop. When turned on, the glass screen projects a holographic image using a state-of-the-art technology.


This innovative laptop manages to combine multiple sophisticated features like the ultra-thin design and a detachable keyboard. The MacTab can be positioned horizontally or vertically due to the back hinge that keeps it upright. The keyboard can be removed because it’s attached with a magnetic buckle so you can use it in the most comfortable position.


As expected, Samsung aims to dominate the market with the new Amoled, a combination of futuristic design and amazing configuration. It’s very sleek and thin and includes a touchable keyboard. You will be amazed to know that the screen can turn transparent as if it were projecting a hologram.


This laptop has something of the nostalgic film rolls back in the days. The designer, Hao Hua, aimed to incorporate the latest technologies into a foldable tubular laptop with a flexible screen and an arch-shaped keyboard. It comes with a hand strap that includes a few USB ports. The entire design is extremely futuristic and it will completely change the laptop concept.


It seems that the purpose of the future laptops is to save space and to become fully portable, taking the travel-friendly design to a whole new level. When not in use, this laptop can be turned into a tube and it can be unveiled into a tablet. The flexible OLED displays allows it to roll and unroll and it also comes with a screen keyboard, speakers, a webcam, USB ports, and a stylus for writing in the tablet mode.

Asus Dual-Screen

This innovative prototype aims to double as a laptop and a tablet. It opens like a book and if you use it as a laptop, one half will be the screen and the other will become a keyboard. It includes the handwriting recognition that makes it a great asset for businesses.


Following the same dual-screen concept, this laptop designed by Felix Schmidberger includes two OLED touchscreens that can be moved to make it look like you have two monitors. One of them lies underneath the upper one and can be slid to be used when needed.

iWeb 2.0

Among all the futuristic designs, a retro air is welcome and will surely catch the attention of the target audience. Designed Yang Yongchang created a small and lightweight 6.5” screen that comes with a foldable keyboard that expands to the size of a regular desk keyboard. The purpose was to combine the old and the new into an eye-catching laptop.


To remain in the same retro sphere, we must mention this cute laptop that resembles an old typewriter. The design is a tribute to Olivetti’s Valentine typewriter and boasts a flexible display and a slide-out keyboard. The case comes in a strong red shade that makes it look even more appealing.


If you are looking for elegance and a touch of class, this laptop concept will embody all your desires. Moonlight is designed in a crescent moon shape and features two displays, one of which can be turned into a keyboard or used as an extension of the first display. It also includes a light frame that turns on into the dark to increase your visibility.


Another dual-screen concept is this one that brings back something from the nostalgia of reading a newspaper. It opens like a book and can be put upright, making it very easy for the user to read their favorite articles.
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