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Plants vs Zombies 2 Review

Written by John Hopkins. Posted in Games

Plants vs Zombies is considered to be one of the best mobile tower defense games. The first version of the game was wildly popular and the fans have been waiting a long time for the sequel. At last, after what seemed like an eternity, the sequel arrived and we are happy to report that it lives up to the fame of the first version. There are of course several unsatisfied players who claim that the game has been completely ruined by the paywall system. However, most of the game can be unlocked for free and it is just as funny and engaging as the first game. This being said, lets take a closer look at Plants vs Zombies 2 and see what makes it so special.
  • The gameplay
Planning a good defense is the foundation of Plants vs Zombies 2. However, plans rarely work out, as the game brings on many twists. Unlike the original version, the sequel is a lot more challenging and it encourages you to explore all of the game’s elements. If the first game allowed you to fight even the bosses with the basic plants, the sequel gradually teaches you how to use all of the plants in your arsenal. The game uses the great formula of the original version and mixes it with new twists, backgrounds and plants.
  • The playing environments
A fun game twists takes the player away from the comfort of their safe garden and throws them in three worlds full of adventure: Ancient Egypt, the Wild West and the Pirate Sea. Each of these world features different types of zombies and requires different strategies. For example, in the Wild West, it is all about speed as most levels feature train tracks on which you can mount plants that can be moved up and down according to row where you need more support.
  • The story
Plants vs Zombies 2 features the return of the lovable crazy Dave, who now owns a time travel machine. As Dave is just finishing a delicious taco, he suddenly decides that the taco is so good that he would want to eat it again so he asks the time machine to turn back time so that he can eat the taco again. However, a crazy mistake takes all of the characters thousands of years back in time. Until the time machine manages to fix that mistake, the player must continue to fight zombies while traveling between three worlds.
  • The Paywall system
As we mentioned above, most of the game can be unlocked for free. However, certain plants and levels remain out of the player’s reach unless they are unlocked with cash. You can unlock a whole world with $5 or you can choose to unlock only certain plants or levels.
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