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Slice Ice Review

Written by John Hopkins. Posted in Games

Mobile games are the best way to pass the time in a fun way. Whether you are standing in row at the cinema, getting bored in public transportation or waiting for your loved one who is running late again, the best way to pass the time is to play a nice game on your mobile phone. Today, we invite you to try out a great slide puzzle game called Slice Ice.
  • The purpose of the game
This mobile game features a very cold environment where the penguins play on an iceberg. The purpose of Slice Ice is to slice the iceberg (by sliding your finger on the touchscreen) in order to make it smaller, without ever separating the penguins. Each level has a certain set iceberg percentage goal. That means that you have to reduce the iceberg to the size demanded by each level. The fewer cuts you make, the bigger your score will be. After each level, you can earn a maximum of 3 stars. However, we have to warn you that it is extremely difficult to get three stars on the higher levels. In order to earn three stars, you have to reduce the iceberg to the desired size by making just three cuts. In order to beat the game, you have to combine creative thinking with a lot of patience. It is important to wait for the perfect moment to make the cuts which is quite difficult as the penguins are always running around and they often get stuck in tight corners.
  • Challenges
The main challenge of the game is the one presented above: to make the iceberg as little as possible without separating the penguins. However, each stage of the game brings on new challenges. For example, as you advance, the number of penguins crowded on the iceberg also increases. Furthermore, the shapes of the icebergs will also start to be more complex. You will also encounter other challenges such as seals and rock formations. The seals need to be separated from the penguins and cut of the iceberg. The rock formations create impenetrable walls which cannot be cut so you have to slice around them.
  • Game characteristics
Slice Ice is a sort of interactive puzzle. You have to develop strategies but you also need to think fast because your strategies must constantly be changed as the penguins move all around. As the game advances, older levels are being reused but with added challenges which force the players to come up with better strategies than the ones preciously used. The difficulty of the game is very well thought and it progresses at a reasonable pace. It is just right in order to get you addicted with the game. So, by the time the difficulty level is extreme, you are already hooked to this fun game. The mechanics of he game require it to be two dimensional. This makes the game, easy to play by all categories of players. The game has a total of 165 levels which take place in 11 different environments.

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