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Where’s My Water 2 Review

Written by John Hopkins. Posted in Games

Where’s my water is an Android game produced by Disney. It is a very exciting game and a great choice for when you can spare a few minutes. The plot of the original game was to direct water to a loveable alligator who enjoyed taking baths. The water was directed by digging  pathways in the ground in order for the water to reach the sewers where the lovable Swampy lived. Where’s My Water 2 has a similar plot but the levels are a lot more interactive. However, the game has a big disadvantage. Despite the fact that it has many new challenges and game concepts, it also has an energy system which disrupts the flow of the game.
  • New concepts
In the first game, on each level, you had the opportunity of earning a rank, according to the number of rubber ducks you collected. The three rubber ducks were scattered across the ground and they were collected when they were touched by a few drops of water. However, the rubber duck rank was symbolic in the first game edition and it did not affect the player’s advancement in the game. However, in Where’s My Water 2, you must accumulate a certain number of rubber ducks in order to move on to a new stage of the game. Although this concept makes the game more challenging, the second edition of the game brings a less than pleasant surprise: energy. The energy level decreases after every gaming attempt and once you ran out of energy you have two options: you can wait for 30 minutes for a refill or you can pay in order to receive more energy. You can also use Facebook in order to connect with your friends so that they can send you more refills. Another new concept is represented by the power ups which can be very useful in earning more rubber ducks.
  • New challenges
Where’s My Water 2 is a lot more versatile than the first edition when it comes to challenges. In certain levels of the new game, you have the possibility to dig through rocks  or you can deal with an upside down world where the water floats and the steam flows. There are also certain levels where you must avoid the rubber duckies. Those of you who purchased the expansions of the first game, will also rediscover the surprise mystery duck which is a lot harder to capture than the normal rubber ducks. For more info on the second part of the game, but for articles on similar games, try, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Swampy and friends
In the first edition of Where’s My Water, we had a few brief encounters with other characters. In the second edition, Swampy is still the new character but there are also a lot of levels focused on his friends. Allie is a female alligator who plays a steam organ so you need to direct steam to her. You will also help Cranky, a less than friendly alligator who requires purple water in order to clean his food of algae. In a nutshell, Where’s My Water 2 is a very exciting game. If you find the power to get over the energy system, you will find this slide game to be very enjoyable.

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